5940 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Brown efc1ae5aba [int13con] Create log partition only when CONSOLE_INT13 is enabled 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 49319f1bc9 [bios] Define macros for constructing partition table entries 1 year ago
  Michael Brown e3ca211071 [iscsi] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation in URI parsing 1 year ago
  Michael Brown e2e29e7ae3 [iscsi] Eliminate variable-length stack allocations in CHAP handlers 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 446e8f14e8 [settings] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 0a74321915 [slam] Allow for the possibility of IPv6 multicast addresses 1 year ago
  Michael Brown c5306bcfa5 [slam] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 6248ac396a [infiniband] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation 1 year ago
  Michael Brown c625681ca1 [tftp] Eliminate unnecessary variable-length stack allocation 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 18dc73d27e [travis] Ensure that most recent tag is always available 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 8f1514a004 [build] Construct full version number automatically from git revision 1 year ago
  Ignat Korchagin ea832529a5 [snp] Set EFI_SIMPLE_NETWORK_RECEIVE_MULTICAST bit as per UEFI spec 1 year ago
  Ignat Korchagin ed4a82e239 [snp] Try promiscuous multicast receive filter if the regular one fails 1 year ago
  Michael Brown a2d3bedf1f [peerdist] Allow for the use of a hosted cache server 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 53af9905e0 [peerdist] Allow PeerDist to be globally enabled or disabled 1 year ago
  Michael Brown 3fe683ebab [lan78xx] Always enable automatic speed and duplex detection 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 41a9a5c7b3 [efi] Do not attempt EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL transfers during shutdown 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 4c8721331d [efi] Report failed control transfers as expected by the USB core 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 0b3000bbec [golan] Fix address-of-pointer bug for multicast attach/detach 2 years ago
  Michael Brown f1e6efa40b [ethernet] Avoid false positive Coverity warning 2 years ago
  Michael Brown a5c41483d2 [coverity] Override assumptions about wcrtomb() and hmac_init() 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 0cc12f053c [crypto] Profile the various stages of modular multiplication 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 131635eac0 [crypto] Drag in configured digestInfo prefixes for any use of RSA 2 years ago
  Michael Brown fd96acb7de [tls] Add missing call to tls_tx_resume() when restarting negotiation 2 years ago
  Michael Brown d8a1958ba5 [peerdist] Limit number of concurrent raw block downloads 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 02b26de963 [peerdist] Start block download timers from within opener methods 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 6df2c6ab76 [process] Add PROC_INIT() for initialising static processes 2 years ago
  Michael Brown c63ef427a2 [build] Add predefined shortcut for Raspberry Pi builds 2 years ago
  Michael Brown c742c576d0 [build] Move predefined all-drivers build shortcut to Makefile 2 years ago
  Michael Brown a4f8c6e31f [build] Do not apply WORKAROUND_CFLAGS for host compiler 2 years ago
  Valentine Barshak 1dd56dbd11 [build] Workaround compilation error with gcc 9.1 2 years ago
  Valentine Barshak 412acd7854 [build] Fix "'%s' directive argument is null" error 2 years ago
  Michael Brown f4cc5834ef [smscusb] Fetch MAC from device tree for Raspberry Pi Model B+ 2 years ago
  Michael Brown a046329012 [build] Add named configuration for Raspberry Pi 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 83e0f9f377 [smsc95xx] Fetch MAC from device tree for Raspberry Pi 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 6dde0f60bf [efi] Register a device tree if provided by the platform firmware 2 years ago
  Michael Brown e520a51df1 [fdt] Add ability to parse a MAC address from a flattened device tree 2 years ago
  Michael Brown a385e23768 [efi] Return only registered EFI devices from efidev_parent() 2 years ago
  Michael Brown c2226b3d1a [arm] Provide dummy implementations for {in,out}[s]{b,w,l} 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 3fb3ffccea [build] Fix use of inline assembly on GCC 8 ARM64 builds 2 years ago
  Mohammed 1cdf56f751 [golan] Add various new PCI device IDs 2 years ago
  Michael Brown a95966955c [intelxl] Add driver for Intel 40 Gigabit Ethernet NIC virtual functions 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 92b46b7858 [intelxl] Choose to operate in non-PXE mode 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 3078a952a8 [intelxl] Expose functions required by virtual function driver 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 1e0342ebd8 [intelxl] Allow for arbitrary placement of interrupt control register 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 2dbd9c0a3c [intelxl] Split out ring creation from context programming 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 9907fd54d3 [intelxl] Allow for arbitrary placement of ring tail registers 2 years ago
  Michael Brown f460a436ca [intelxl] Use 32-byte receive descriptors 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 7676924571 [intelxl] Provide a mechanism for handling "send to VF" events 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 17298d0121 [intelxl] Allow admin cookie to hold extended opcode and return code 2 years ago