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  3. The GNU General Public License provides a legal guarantee that
  4. software covered by it remains free (in the sense of freedom, not
  5. price). It achieves this guarantee by imposing obligations on anyone
  6. who chooses to distribute the software.
  7. Some of these obligations may be seen as unnecessarily burdensome. In
  8. particular, when the source code for the software is already publicly
  9. and freely available, there is minimal value in imposing upon each
  10. distributor the obligation to provide the complete source code (or an
  11. equivalent written offer to provide the complete source code).
  12. This Licence allows for the distribution of unmodified binaries built
  13. from publicly available source code, without imposing the obligations
  14. of the GNU General Public License upon anyone who chooses to
  15. distribute only the unmodified binaries built from that source code.
  16. The extra permissions granted by this Licence apply only to unmodified
  17. binaries built from source code which has already been made available
  18. to the public in accordance with the terms of the GNU General Public
  19. Licence. Nothing in this Licence allows for the creation of
  20. closed-source modified versions of the Program. Any modified versions
  21. of the Program are subject to the usual terms and conditions of the
  22. GNU General Public License.
  24. This Licence applies to any Program or other work which contains a
  25. notice placed by the copyright holder saying it may be distributed
  26. under the terms of this Unmodified Binary Distribution Licence. All
  27. terms used in the text of this Licence are to be interpreted as they
  28. are used in version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published
  29. by the Free Software Foundation.
  30. If you have made this Program available to the public in both source
  31. code and executable form in accordance with the terms of the GNU
  32. General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
  33. either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
  34. version, then you are hereby granted an additional permission to use,
  35. copy, and distribute the unmodified executable form of this Program
  36. (the "Unmodified Binary") without restriction, including the right to
  37. permit persons to whom the Unmodified Binary is furnished to do
  38. likewise, subject to the following conditions:
  39. - when started running, the Program must display an announcement which
  40. includes the details of your existing publication of the Program
  41. made in accordance with the terms of the GNU General Public License.
  42. For example, the Program could display the URL of the publicly
  43. available source code from which the Unmodified Binary was built.
  44. - when exercising your right to grant permissions under this Licence,
  45. you do not need to refer directly to the text of this Licence, but
  46. you may not grant permissions beyond those granted to you by this
  47. Licence.