58 Commits (master)

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  Michael Brown a5c41483d2 [coverity] Override assumptions about wcrtomb() and hmac_init() 2 years ago
  Michael Brown 65a3518013 [coverity] Add Coverity user model 4 years ago
  Michael Brown de1fafd2f8 [errdb] Strip platform error code for non-platform-generated errors 8 years ago
  Michael Brown 40044f9d43 [contrib] Enable bochs debug port by default 9 years ago
  Michael Brown dcbbf54eb2 [contrib] Allow more space for Bochs option ROM 9 years ago
  Floris Bos ee3636370d [contrib] Fix rom-o-matic git version number issues 9 years ago
  Floris Bos def7f57eb2 [contrib] Fix rom-o-matic build (add new LOG_LEVEL constant) 9 years ago
  Michael Brown 1050135159 [contrib] Update bochsrc.txt to latest version of bochs 9 years ago
  Paul Sands 4108321bf5 [contrib] Fix rom-o-matic 9 years ago
  Floris Bos b7d923f468 [contrib] Update rom-o-matic to build iPXE 10 years ago
  Michael Brown 21d6f9cd8e [contrib] Specify boot order in bochsrc.txt 10 years ago
  Michael Brown 9ed3bc498c [contrib] Remove extraneous errcodedb files 11 years ago
  Michael Brown d052efb254 [contrib] Allow "cow" script to create the SAN device itself 11 years ago
  Michael Brown 45d066d4cd [contrib] Add script to easily create copy-on-write SAN images 11 years ago
  Michael Brown 041f01e601 [contrib] Add contrib/vm, containing utilities from old contrib/bochs 11 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi 232c208882 [errcode] Remove unused contrib/errcode scripts 11 years ago
  Michael Brown 53315eaa25 [errdb] Add errdb.pl script to build error database 11 years ago
  Michael Brown 8406115834 [build] Rename gPXE to iPXE 11 years ago
  Marty Connor 272cfac8af [contrib] Add README file to rom-o-matic 11 years ago
  Marty Connor b7fc45c975 [contrib] Add .hrom format to rom-o-matic 11 years ago
  Marty Connor 67a10ef000 [contrib] Add rom-o-matic to contrib 11 years ago
  Marty Connor 330abebddf [contrib] Move most contrib content to a separate repository 11 years ago
  Thomas Miletich 90bffed805 [3c90xutil] Update bromutil.c and cromutil.c. 11 years ago
  Michael Brown 7741546a40 [build] Pad .rom, .dsk, and .hd images to 512-byte boundaries 12 years ago
  Michael Brown 076154a1c6 [image] Allow multiple embedded images 12 years ago
  Michael Brown 0171098212 [contrib] Update qemu documentation 12 years ago
  Michael Brown 22979c511e [contrib] Add patch to enable writable ROM images in bochs 13 years ago
  Michael Brown 8223084afc [util] Disable automatic CR->LF conversion in serial-console utility 13 years ago
  Michael Brown a30c70727a [contrib] Bring bochs/qemu READMEs up to date with latest upstream code 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi f3aef4d98d [Contribs] Fix multi-line POSIX errno definitions. 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi 711a59cf03 [Contribs] Fix parsing bug in errcode.py 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi f43a7e349a [Contribs] Add simple IRC bot for looking up error codes. 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi fbf9295cbb [Contribs] Add README, license text, and invert error code dictionaries. 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi ce298a9628 [Contribs] Add a web interface for looking up error codes. 13 years ago
  Stefan Hajnoczi 43b04236ec [Contribs] Add command-line utility for looking up gPXE error codes. 13 years ago
  Michael Brown 7067142fb4 [Contribs] Add updated wake-on-LAN patch from Bill <level42@sympatico.ca> 13 years ago
  Michael Brown 763a3eab8a Add .pdsk target (padded .dsk, suitable for qemu). 14 years ago
  Michael Brown 8febe42f78 Build bochs with ne2000 support, and add sample lines in bochsrc.txt 14 years ago
  Michael Brown acd598b4f9 Don't build option-overloaded packets; they just confuse people (ISC 14 years ago
  Michael Brown 6f14c9d169 Initial notes on RIS 14 years ago
  Michael Brown 82a873546a Current bochs has a 128kB BIOS, not 64kB 14 years ago
  Michael Brown f7b4b77c2e Ignore external directories (bochs, qemu) within contrib/bochs. 14 years ago
  Michael Brown 0f8d7d705d Rename .cvsignore files to .gitignore 14 years ago
  Michael Brown 33eb8871a9 .zrom is still broken; use .rom by default 15 years ago
  Michael Brown 6e5ffefd79 Document requisite patch for qemu 15 years ago
  Michael Brown 18a84f4f1a Add --enable-show-ips; it's useful when using the profiling code. 15 years ago
  Michael Brown a677f1bfd3 Basic instructions to get qemu running 15 years ago
  Michael Brown b3c897f437 Corrected documentation 15 years ago
  Michael Brown 2f392ee13e Need write permission to /dev/net/tun, not just read. 15 years ago
  Michael Brown 7d239660fb Updated to new SourceForge CVS locations, and fix a couple of minor 15 years ago